Welcome the my Dedicated Wedding Area – helping you create amazing weddings!

Planning your Wedding can be really good fun and the right suppliers for your day will be crucial to creating your dream wedding.

You won’t find outlandish claims here. You will find some good, solid advice that may be helpful when speaking to other suppliers.

What is a Specialist Wedding DJ?

There are many different styles of DJ.  We often think of a famous club DJ’s, working in Ibiza nightclubs or perhaps the old-style DJ talking between each track and telling terrible jokes.

The industry has changed to reflect the needs of couples who wish to enjoy a more contemporary, relaxed, fun and memorable atmosphere created by an experienced professional like myself.

Unfortunately many DJ’s treat weddings no differently than other events, but a Specialist Wedding DJ will realise the huge responsibility they have in providing entertainment for the most important day of your life.

This is where the Specialist Wedding DJ steps in.  They’ll have plenty of experience dealing with varied Weddings (and they reall are all different!).

A Specialist Wedding DJ is passionate about the success of your day. He or She will want everything to be as perfect as possible and can often provide advice to help you.

Their equipment will be tidy, well maintained and of course, reliable.  Their music collection will be large and carry many genres, they will know their music and will often have experience playing non-English music.

They’ll be happy to make announcements to help ensure key moments happen as planned.  This will involve directing attention and staging spotlight moments such as Cutting your Cake, your First Dance and any other moments that are planned.

Your guests will be involved, engaged and entertained throughout every stage of the day.

They won’t miss a thing [Didn’t Aerosmith write a song about this?]

What is the difference?

A club DJ will generally be mixing new tunes, for a crowd that is paying to be there.  They’ll need to be technically great at mixing and keep up to date with pre-releases and re-mixes.  It’s a very competitive area with many DJ’s aspiring to work in a nightclub.

A pub DJ will often work there regularly and so will know the locals.  Much more Microphone work is often required to keep the regulars entertained.  Unless the crowd are young, mixing is not an essential skill, but good musical knowledge is, if the DJ is to keep many different age groups happy.

A mobile DJ will cater for most types of Parties.  They will have some Wedding experience, but may not focus on this market and will often take what ever enquiries come their way.

A Specialist Wedding DJ will focus their marketing efforts on Weddings over and above other areas of business.  Providing a quality wedding service means that he or she will want to exceed the high expectations which brides and grooms have.

But, don't all DJ's offer Weddings?

Probably!  In much the same way as a Taxi can drive you to the church or you can hire a dedicated Car.

Do you really want to entrust the enjoyment of your guests to someone who doesn’t understand and appreciate that a wedding is very different from any other kind of event?

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s much better to hire a Specialist wedding DJ so that you can relax and be confident that he or she will deliver what you desire in a way which reflects your wishes?

The venue management will be on hand to help, but we do find they are often juggling many things – catering, drinks, suppliers and staff.

We offer to help bring guests into the party room, it’s usual to get a sincere look of thanks as its one less thing for them to worry about.

Investing time with you ensure I understand your wants and needs.

This enables ME to deliver everything required for YOUR perfect day.

To record all the right information, I have a comprehensive planning form. Some items may not be relevant, but we’ll ask anyway – perhaps jog your mind with a fresh idea?

I always provide:

  • Experience to ensure the party is professionally run.
  • Reliability through superb planning.
  • Flexibility when working with your other service providers.

I consider weddings are no place for a badly organised DJ, and so we encourage our clients to meet with us to plan their entertainment.

I am happy to meet for an informal chat whilst you’re still comparing wedding services, so no obligation and certainly no pressure!