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Fanhams Hall Wedding DJ, Hertfordshire

Creating a Buzz!

We all want an epic, awesome, flipping excellent party, don't we? In the lead-up to your party, you've finalised details with suppliers and invited your friends to celebrate.  Is your work done? The gap between sending invites, chasing down replies and the...

What do you play?

What DO you play? DJs are often asked, "what do you play".  Now, we'll all have our personal favorites - after all, we'll listen to music on the way to and from your party and we've chosen this line of work through our love of music. I'm going to talk...

DJs… A Product or Service?

Picking a DJ...  Are you booking a Product or Service? In this article, I'll show why you can't treat a SERVICE as a PRODUCT. There is a big difference and comparing DJ A vs DJ B is a bit more complicated and involved than looking at their Website and...

Wedding Suppliers in Liquidation – Don’t get ripped off!

I'm very active on Facebook for Business and personal.  A few months ago, I woke up to find reports that another Wedding Supplier has closed and many couples are left with a number of massive problems in the lead up to their day. This saddens me for a...

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