Video Options for your Wedding or Party

Isn’t technology great?  We can carry thousands of music tracks on our phones or stream from the internet, we’re able to watch high-quality video on demand.

As a Modern DJ, I embrace technology when it’s of benefit to my clients.

A popular addition to my services has been to provide Music Videos and other Video options for parties.


Music Videos for your Favorite Tracks

Modern Music videos are now in HD Quality, and I have the classics from the 1950s onwards.  Many of the older videos are custom created from live performances using high-quality audio.  I’ve the party classics, but good selections of Rock/Pop/Indie/Dance classics and the new releases.

I can still Mix and play these great tunes as if they were just music (so I mix and loop where appropriate), but with the added benefit of viewing the music videos on the big screen.

Your guests will be dancing along to the real video, and many will not have actually ever seen the video to the music they love!

Note: I do not use YouTube for my Music VIdeo sources (copyright issues and quality issues mean I use DJ specific suppliers)

Custom Video Animations

But, in addition to the great music videos, I can also provide custom animations, I have a wide selection and the text will be tailored to your specific needs.

View my catalog of animation styles I can provide for your special date:

Free Download of Custom Animation Options.

You may notice the famous “LOVE LETTERS” as an example below.  These can be left running whilst I’m playing music, as a background to your 1st Dance etc.

This is a better use of space and far more flexible in terms of what I can show.


This Video is showing a custom animation that I then fade into the Music video. The Birthday Girl selected this as the final song of the evening and the animation was playing when I announced the end of the night and gestured to the large screen.

At the start of the night, the animation was left looping whilst guests entered the function room.  It caught their eye whilst I was playing suitable music whilst they met friends and grabbed a drink.

Viewing this great video brings back memories of watching the film, but now with a great sound system and very large (2 meters wide) screen.

As overheard from a guest “WOW”

Photo Slideshow

This can work in many ways, for a Wedding, I can accept a selection of snaps from the day (either from guests or your Photographer), or perhaps some in advance.

These can be left looping before the cake cutting/first dance,

For Birthdays, there are options to show messages and of course photos.


How these features are integrated into the party is really a topic for discussion.  For a Wedding, the “Love Letters” animation is not a big distraction and would be preferable to a photo slideshow or music video.

During Food, a slideshow can work very well, it’s a talking point and will get your guests talking about their memories.

I have a range of options which revolve around video projection options.  It’s a fairly unique set-up and will certainly give your special event the WOW factor that very few DJs are able to provide in Hertfordshire.


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