Hi, my name is Jason Clark, thank-you for clicking on this page! Here, I’ll chat a little about who I am, and the background of Dance Sounds Disco – your Hertfordshire DJ.

I’m a young (minded!) child of the 70’s, married with 2 Children (ok, both are no longer children!)

My first “go on the decks” was at the tender age of 7 when I provided my first Disco for my sisters 5th Birthday.  It was a tough party, but I was hooked (and rather limited by my Dad’s record collection!)

Skipping onto the 90’s (20 years ago!), I had a good music selection and managed to work in a nightclub, playing what would now be termed “kisstory club classics”.  Fun nights!

Dance Sounds Disco started in early 2008 when my partner, Carmen (now Wife) needed a PA system for a Salsa night she was running in Edgware, North London.   Keen to help (there was also free food!), I invested in some equipment and the night was a success.

I then created a simple website and started taking bookings as a Hertfordshire DJ.

We work closely together at the events we attend.  Carmen has an excellent taste in music and so is able to take over, should I need to speak to a guest.  She also controls the lighting in a professional manner, enhancing the dancefloor.

I started to network with many DJs and worked hard to ensure I could provide a good, solid service.  I knew the music, knew the equipment, but there was (and still is!) much to learn.

Music and having fun are a big passion.  If I’m not entertaining, I still enjoy listening to a wide range of music or venturing out to see bands.

The Hertfordshire DJ service now focusses on Weddings, but also enjoy family parties with Wedding Anniversaries, Engagements and Children’s parties to keep me on my toes!

Some of our lovely clients book us for many of their family parties so we get to know exactly what they like.


Professionally, whatever produces a full dancefloor is good!  When the room is full of happy dancers, it’s a great time.  This often doesn’t happen by coincidence and is a combination of experience, the right tunes for the guests and quite often down to the guests were up for a great night.

To help, my Hertfordshire DJ music collection spans the 1950s, right up to the current charts and is constantly growing in size and range.

Personally, I love a variety, so to throw some examples out; Green Day, Dusty Springfield, XTC, PlanB, Pet Shop Boys, Orbital, Oasis, Faithless, David Bowie, The Jam and many, many more.  I prefer exciting music to slower ballads, but there is a moment for every song.

A project I started a few years back, now has its own website.  This encompasses some of the music I love (but rarely get to play).
It’s very much a niche service:


But, this a very much a side project, so if I have a floor full of happy dancers, I’ll be delighted to play the music they want to hear.

I hope this little page is interesting and gives a bit background on who you’ll be working with as your Hertfordshire DJ.

Best wishes,


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