Congratulations on your Party! ¬†If you’re looking for an experienced DJ to help you have truly memorable party, you are already on your way to a great time!

I will personally give you a quality service.  Everyone should get support and advice for their event.

We’ll chat about music, I know you’ll have favorites that you want to hear played from a great sound system whilst you dance with your guests.

Take a leap of faith!

How about a chat?

Tom and I just wanted to pop you a quick note to say a huge thank you! You were absolutely great, and played all the right songs to get people going on the dance floor.

We have had so many comments on how great the party was after dinner, and I think the music played a huge part in that.

Tom & Lisa

Wedding in Hanbury Manor

Many Parties have some kind of Speech, Weddings are the most obvious, but Birthdays, Engagements, Wedding Anniversaries and if I'm asked to do a Children's party (rarely these days!), I'll see if the Birthday Boy/Girl wish to thank their friends - most do and I love it when they can!

But, many are not used to speaking on public - it can be scary and even if you're confident, everyone can benefit from some tips.

If you are making a speech at a Party (or perhaps in your Job), I strongly suggest you sign up to this free weekly newsletter.

Jeremy Nicholas sends these out weekly, they're very helpful, very funny, usually topical and usually has a picture of his dog.

This weeks tip: "Always get someone to introduce you before you speak, no matter how small the event. "

Now, I always do this, and did on Saturday, it was a small family Wedding Anniversary.
I could do the work of getting the attention of the guests before handing over, knowing everyone was now focused, this made it easier for Gary to speak knowing everyone in the room was ready to listen.
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