Hold a Wedding or Party in a Restaurant?

Some restaurants can be great places to hold a Party!  They’ll have a bar, provide great food and many will close for your exclusive use based on a minimum spend.

Compared with hiring a hall and arranging catering, this can be a very good choice.

The downside is space, or more specifically, lack of it.  A typical restaurant will be trying to maximise the number of tables they have, which will restrict what entertainment options you have.

An iPod dock won’t cut it when people want to party after the food.

In the often confined areas of a restaurant, it can be difficult to assign valuable space to a typical DJ setup.
There is usually no need for hard-driving sound levels or a large array of lighting and so a more compact DJ setup can be provided.

But, as restaurants have the facilities to hold some great parties, there is a need for a DJ that can accommodate this environment.

I have a few options, always dependant on space and suitability for the party.  To plan this well, would need a visit to the restaurant to ensure everyone is in agreement with the location of the DJ equipment, before the booking takes place.

The same sound system I use for Ceremonies is powerful enough for small restaurants and will provide great coverage and sound quality.
This can be placed within my 4ft wide Booth that will house my playout equipment and also some simple but effective lighting.

A Wireless Microphone can be provided if speeches are required.

So, if you are planning a Birthday Party, Wedding Celebration, Corporate Parties, Memorial night in a Restaurant, I’ll be able to advise and work with your and your restaurant to get the very best night for everyone.

The service is exactly the same as you would expect from me, so a formal booking process for your peace of mind and we would discuss the event in detail to ensure it is exactly right for you.

So, the space required would be;

4′ Wide x 4′ Deep (this will include space for me behind my booth).
This would allow for a quality PA and simple and effective lighting.

None of my systems would use Tripod stands as these take up excessive space.

For a larger restaurant, there are more options, I can use a larger PA system. but have the speakers away from my booth, so still retain that 4′ space, but then use 2 areas for the speakers.

Regardless of options, I will still carry full backup equipment and my full selection of music that will be tailored to your event.