Master of Ceremonies

I can act as your informal Master of Ceremonies.  This will mean me being much more involved during your day.

This can be beneficial for Weddings where a Toastmaster has not been hired, yet you would like someone to help you through the day.
If you have decided on a professional Toastmaster, I can still be of assistance with Music/Microphones and other aspects that do not overlap with their Duties.

My role is to assist in any way possible, and I will be at your Venue from your arrival.

Meet and Greet

Most of your guests will not have attended the Venue before and may need help finding restrooms, cloakrooms and other areas of assistance.

This avoids the need to find a member of the venue staff who are often busy.

To help the start of the day, I’ll be on hand to help your guests get comfortable and ensure they are seated in your Ceremony room.

Ceremony Music

I will provide an award winning, elegant sound system to play your ceremony music.  Many venues will default to a low cost CD Player or Dock that you may use at home.

I know you deserve better.

You may wish for your Entrance music to be edited to ensure any key moments on your music is heard.  Some songs will have a long introduction and many Ceremony rooms will not take long to walk down

In many cases, I edit the song (and provide previews) so we can have maximum impact.

Drinks Reception

Your first time to relax! You will now be officially married (congratulations!) and it’s time to meet up with your guests who will be passing on their own congratulations.

I’ll provide Background music for this section of the day and be on hand to help guests.  I can help with padding out your Background music playlist if you don’t have the time to think of 2hrs of music.

Some clients wish for me to “DJ” (so mixing), others just wish for some background ambience.

When the venue is ready for your Wedding Breakfast, I will manage this announcement and ensure all your guests are clear on where they need to go (and assisting any elderly guests if needed).

Wedding Breakfast

In case you’re wondering why it’s called “Wedding Breakfast”….

In the “old days” couples would fast before the Wedding and so this meal is to “Break the Fast”, or “Breakfast”.

This can be a lot of fun.  A nice touch is to leave you and your newly Wed outside the room whilst your guests are seated.  I’ll then speak to your guests and use music and microphone skills to really raise the energy levels in the room.

Finally, I’ll introduce you both into the room.  Everyone will be ready, everyone will be happy and clapping.

I can play music as you enter the room to really make it a “WOW” moment.

This will have been discussed with your photographer, so if they have a 2nd Shooter, they can ensure they are both able to take the very best shots.

Tip: Once you do finally make it to your seats at the Top Table, you’ll sit down first, then your guests will follow.

The venue staff will start serving and I’ll then start playing your background music.

Your Background music doesn’t have to be “swing”.  I realise this is a popular option for many, but there are many, many options including movie theme tunes, acoustic versions of club classics to just some of your favourite chilled out tunes.


I personally really enjoy hearing the speeches.  I’m privileged to have been involved in your day, and we will have met to cover the details and plan, but this is where your nearest and dearest will be talking about you and sharing memories and details that are usually heartfelt and touching.

Now, if you think about an awards show where someone important is about to speak, they are always introduced.  Why?

The crowd can usually see the main speaker but it can be a struggle to get their attention.  If the speaker is inexperienced or simply expects everyone’s full attention on their 1st sentence, this is usually a struggle.

So, my role is to ensure everyone in the room is ready.  There are a few tricks to this, but some simple things such as letting the background music end is a very good audible cue for many.  After 5 or 10 seconds, they know it’s not “normal” (and another song is not about to start).

I’ll make an announcement and introduce the first speaker.  At this point, they have the room.  Whatever they say will have the attention and so the start of their speech will not be missed.

I’ll be happy to work with those making the speeches and will usually give them a bit of tuition using a Microphone.

Tip:  Never hold the microphone on your chest.  No-one will hear you you will lose the attention of your guests.  Keep your head high and the microphone about 1″ or 2″ away from your mouth.