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Party DJPicking the best DJ for you

You may be surprised to hear that it may not be Me”!

It’s in everyone’s interest for you to have the right DJ for your event.

Most people do not organise events regularly, so selecting suppliers is not something many are used to.

For a party of any kind, the success of the evening will often depend on the quality of the entertainment. Spending a few minutes to research potential suppliers is a worthwhile investment.

We have put together this page and the accompanying downloadable check-list to help people find the very best DJ for their party.


You may have a very specific set of requirements for your DJ:

A couple of examples of specific requirements that not all DJ’s can provide would be; A whole night of “the latest drum and bass” or ” music suitable for Salsa dancing”. These require a very thorough knowledge of the genre, a “best of” simply will lead to disappointment.

Never assume every DJ will be knowledgeable in the music you want or will be on the same wavelength – after all, we enjoy ourselves in different ways when are a party!

Most experienced DJ’s who have a good music collection will be able to provide a 20-30 minute set of a specific genre. But may not be able to provide a whole night of this type of music.

You may have a specific requirement, even if it is only for a 20-30 minute set. It’s always worth spending a little time researching what capability the DJ has for the genre you are interested in.

For example music for Salsa dancing is not the same as “latino music” such as Ricky Martin or Gloria Estefan. It’s worth checking that the DJ really understands your requirement even if they say the can provide what you want.


Then there is the set up of the equipment. Most will not know what “the latest Disco lighting fashion”  is but they will know a neat set up compared to an old, shabby and untidy set up.

Of course the ability of the DJ is the main requirement for a really good party. But do you really want the set up to look like it has been kicking around since the 80’s. Complete with wires dangling and old-fashioned traffic light effects held together by tape?


I’ve been given a quiz during a client meet (it was good fun!), but it had a bit of an american slant, so many questions were not suitable for the UK.

So, to help anyone looking for a DJ, the free download below should help you in your search.

FREE Download, Find your PERFECT DJ