Partying after Covid – A reminder!

I’ve been thinking about the Parties we’ll have once the Covid restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to Party.

These are slightly tongue in cheek, but if we all followed these, some very epic nights await us all!




Dress up!

Let others notice that you’ve prepared for the night.
Guys, tidy that beard or have a good clean shave, Ladies, you’ve probably got this nailed anyway!
Some over-due Grooming will make you feel great!
You’ll be taking selfies and sharing these memories, so look your best.


No-one wants a sour-puss at a Party and a positive attitude will make all the difference to how you and others enjoy the night.
Guests, Hosts, Bar Staff, DJs love Friendly People.
My tip is to put your favorite tunes on whilst you’re getting ready.  Take your time!
Note: If you want to get Served quickly or your request played, be Friendly!


Just do it!  It’s a great opportunity to simply let go.
I guarantee most of those sitting down will be will want to join you.  It’s contagious!
The DJ will play “trigger songs” aimed to get bums off seats, so when you hear a song you love, don’t waste it!

Don’t over do it.

Drink and be merry, but don’t take it too far. You want to remember the night.
Watch out for your friends too.

Thank the Host.

Arranging a Party is a lot of work and often highly expensive.  The hosts will put a lot of effort into making it a great party.
I guarantee they will appreciate it, do it the following day.  Even if you do not know them very well.
The hosts can be the Wedding Couple, their Parents and even the Pub management.  You’ll be amazed how many simply don’t think to do this.

Try to make at least 1 friend!

Do something good!  If you see someone sitting alone, go and chat, perhaps they may like to join you?
Those nights with a packed dancefloor, dancing with strangers happen because people like to be with others.

Exit Plan!

How are you getting home?  Get this arranged in advance, pre-book your Taxi or lift.
Keep safe at all times.

Share those Selfies!
(just not those where you look like a Gargoyle!)

You had a great time, you’re looking great, show others!