Karaoke for your Hertfordshire Event

Karaoke can be a really fun addition to your party.  It doesn’t have to be a complete night of singing, we can either agree in advance when to add it to your timeline, or simply decide when to continue with the dancing.

With the growth of the TV talent shows, Karaoke continues to grow in popularity around the UK and many venues that cater for Karaoke see a loyal following of singers, out for a great time.

It is a good add-on for parties where a number of guests enjoy singing.  You’ll also find a few hidden talented relatives!

Modern singers take it seriously, preferring quality equipment and backing tracks. We take care to ensure vocal levels are correct for the singing, no  barely audiable vocals over the too-loud backing track.

We provide:

  • Quality Microphones.
  • Suitable, high quality vocal effects.
  • Songbooks with request slips.
  • Screens for the singer to view the lyrics, and a separate screen for guests (depending on venue size)
  • An experienced, friendly host who welcomes all abilities.
  • Lighting to provide that “x-factor” look.

We’re happy to advise on the suitability of Karaoke at your Party or Wedding.

Our Tracks are purchased from Selectatrack and so we are able to purchase any specific songs that are not in our library.