Moodlighting / Up Lighting

Moodlighting is the effect of using lights to realise a change in ambience.

Many venues have pale walls which can look a little bare and clinical.

  • With the house lights turned down low or off, it may be too dark for guests and staff to safely move around.
  • With the house lights up, the party atmosphere is lost.

The solution is to use small lighting units that can be set to a specific colour (this is your Wedding/Party Theme?) and wash the walls or features with light.

This has the effect of washing the walls with colour and can significantly change the mood and look of a room.

For example if you are having a sit down meal in the same room that will be used for a reception disco later in the evening.

Whilst the room is being turned round for the evening we can add the uplighting effect and give the “wow” factor When your guests come back into the room that looks very different to how it looked earlier in the day.


Moodlighting can be very effective when used to enhance features such as arches and pillars in a room, but may not be as effective where there is darker wall colours (for example dark oak panelling).

Our system is very modern, and does not get hot so safe for young children if they happen to take a shine to them!

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