What can I do for you?

Most people rarely book a DJ, perhaps for their or their family members milestone birthday or Wedding.  Pretty much a few times in their life.  In years past, you would flick through the Yellow Pages (RIP 2017) and book whoever picked up the phone.

Today, it’s easier to find a DJ, but with the broad range of quality, it’s essential to know what you’ll get.  Are they going to be great value or someone you regret booking?

We all have different styles, some DJs dislike music requests, others embrace them.  Some may over-use the mic, others may not even use it at all.

I’m going to explain what I provide to every party.  It’s all very flexible and my entire service is aimed at providing the best party possible for you, but below is a summary of really what I bring to every booking, from a child’s 13th (yes, occasionally I’ll do them!) so a high budget Wedding.

Experience and Expertise

Both are NOT the same!  Experience just means the supplier has performed at a number of events.  The service could have been terrible, but then they’ll be experienced in dull parties (but won’t tell you this!)
Expertise is of more value to you.  I’ve attended hundreds of Weddings and Parties.  Thousands of guests have seen me and I’ve needed to adapt to their expectations of style and music very quickly.

As well as many traditional English Weddings, I’ve also been booked for Iranian, Indian, Bangladesh and Jewish Weddings.  I enjoy the variety and work hard to ensure I understand the customs for each.

My understanding and willingness to work hard have given me expertise in a broad range of Parties.

The very best Music

I won’t simply turn up and play the same music as the previous party.  Apart from being very boring for me, it’s not the service I provide.  We’ll chat about music and every client has free access to my online planning tools

I monitor any requests you make and draw up my own plans based on our discussions and any online requests.  There is never any need to provide a long and rigid playlist but I do welcome the chance to discuss music and see each party as a learning experience.

the above information, it’s clear that you are not just booking a DJ to turn up and play a few songs.

Great Equipment

I don’t really push the equipment side, simply as it’s basically the essential tools I need.  If you’re interested, I have a dedicated page HERE

My PA system is high quality with a nice warm sound that is not distorted.  Bad quality sound does get noticed and some clients voiced concerns about previous Weddings.  My system is very good and this will not be a problem.

The Lighting has options and we can discuss these.  Some clients have requested very minimal lighting, others want “everything”.  I’ve attended weddings with only 1 lighting effect and the dance floor was rocking, however, I do have a nice light show for those who want it.

Clear Announcements and Introductions

These days, many couples feel they do not want a “chatty” DJ.  Yes, Peter Kay has a lot to answer for!

Luckily, there is a balance.  Most parties do need some information to be passed onto your guests.
Surprise Parties need someone to warm up your guests before the big entrance.
Weddings will usually need someone to organise the cake cutting and a 1st Dance.

It’s usual to make some kind of announcement as the party is coming to a close.



So, you’ve found a DJ, they will play great music on their impressive equipment.. but they’re not replying to emails or calls?

All of my bookings are managed by the same system you’ll have access to.  I can see every detail of each booking.  I’ll request multiple ways to contact you (Landline, email, phone(s) and your home address).

All of my clients have the same contact details for me  (in fact, I clearly list them here)

I’m never double booked as my procedure is not to hold dates until the contract is signed (which can be done very quickly online).

Some dates are very much in-demand, so if

So, with the above information, it’s clear that you are not just booking a DJ to turn up and play a few songs.