Yes! Book your DJ for only £5.00!

Until January 31st 2018, I have a very special offer when you can have a confirmed booking for only £5.00

I usually require a 30% deposit (and signed terms) to provide a secured booking, but for the next few months, I’ll only require a deposit of £5.00

This will free your cash-flow over the Christmas period and allow you to retain more of your budget.

Full Terms are below

Book a DJ for only £5.00?  How does this work?

To ensure I’m reliable, I require a signed terms and conditions (easily done online and you’ll get a copy for your own records) and then a deposit paid.

At this stage, we’re legally bound with a contract.  I’ll decline further enquiries and start working on your booking.

Rather than request my usual deposit of about 30%, I will allow a non-refundable deposit of £5.00 to secure the date until 31st January 2018

My usual deposit of 30% will be due 2 months after booking.

The remaining balance will be due 28 days before your event.  If it’s easier for you, I can accept payments in the lead up to your event.  Every payment is confirmed back to you, and you’ll see it on your Event Dashboard.


Quoted Fee for the event: £600.00

£5.00 Deferred Deposit Payment (due after signing terms and contract)

£175.00 Deposit Payment (due 2 months from Booking)

£420.00 Balance Payment (due 1 month before event date)

£600.00 Total Paid

Note:  A booking comprises of a contract and a non-refundable £5.00 deposit.  Once a booking is confirmed, my cancellation policy will apply.  The details of the cancellation policy will be clearly laid out in my terms and conditions which you can read before you book.