With Christmas approaching, it’s an expensive time of year, but also a time where you may start planning your Wedding or other milestone Party.


For many couples looking to secure a booking, it can be a difficult time as most quality suppliers will require a sizeable deposit to secure the booking and at this time of year, it’s can mean they delay booking until cash-flow is in a better position after Christmas.

So, we have a catch-22 situation.  Couples have the time to research and make enquiries, but may not be in a position to make a sizeable deposit payment until the end of January or early February.  The quality suppliers risk being booking for their big day if they defer a booking until later.

To help, I’ve decided to defer the full deposit until 3 months after the booking.  There are some basic terms attached, but no hidden costs.

This is a special offer, only available for bookings made until the 31st January 2018

I have create a special offer that allows a booking to be made for a £5.00 deposit.

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